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Create Exceptional Accents With Concrete

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A&I Ready Mix, LLC is pleased to offer pouring services for patio concrete and walkway concrete, in addition to many other outdoor features. Our product creates beautiful concrete accents for both homes and businesses.

Always choose A&I Ready Mix as your concrete contractor in Queen City, Atlanta, Linden and Texarkana, TX.

What causes cracked concrete?

Occasionally, poured concrete will crack after it has hardened. There are several reasons why this can happen. Cracks can occur because of:

  • Physical problems: Due to shrinking and crazing
  • Chemical problems: Due to incorrect reactions in the product
  • Thermal problems: Due to extreme weather or environments
  • Structural problems: Due to overloads and poor design

When you evaluate a crack in your patio concrete, it's important to consider all possible causes in order to repair it and prevent it from happening again.

At A&I Ready Mix, we've designed a superior product that, when applied correctly, shouldn't crack over time.

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